Olly Murs reveals his girlfriend Amelia is his personal trainer as he credits her for huge weight loss

OLLY Murs has revealed his girlfriend Amelia Tank is his very own “personal trainer”.

The 35-year-old Voice judge – who began dating bodybuilder Amelia last January – credited his recent weight loss to her “brilliant” encouragement and nutrition plan.

Olly Murs reveals his girlfriend Amelia is his personal trainer as he credits her for huge weight loss 1BackGrid

Olly Murs has credited his girlfriend Amelia Tank for his weight loss[/caption]

Olly talked about his girlfriend’s help while discussing his trimmed-down physique on Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden.

He explained: “She’s not a personal trainer but she’s done bikini competitions in the past and she does train a lot, but she is actually my personal trainer.”

Olly joked, “In more ways than one, ” before adding in a more serious tone: “She’s brilliant and she’s been absolutely fantastic.

“She just gave me that extra little bit of encouragement and she says, ‘it’s not up to me to do it, you’ve got to be able to do it yourself. You’ve got to get up to do it everyday.’ So I was like, ‘okay I will.’”

Olly Murs reveals his girlfriend Amelia is his personal trainer as he credits her for huge weight loss 2instagram.com/ollymurs

The 35-year-old singer showed off his body transformation last month[/caption]

The Wrapped Up singer went on: “So she did this little nutritional plan for me and I just went out and did it and I loved it. And I still love it now.”

Olly unveiled the results of his fitness and diet overhaul in a before and after snap showing the progress he’d made in just eight weeks.

He explained that while he enjoyed looking better, it was more about changing his mindset, as he’d become “grumpy” and “not himself”.

“You know what, I did it all just for my mind. It was nothing to do with looking great,” the Troublemaker singer said.

Olly Murs reveals his girlfriend Amelia is his personal trainer as he credits her for huge weight loss 3SWNS:South West News Service

Amelia, 27, is a former bodybuilding champ[/caption]

“I mean, I know it’s nice to post some like that, but it was more just to show people you can do it if you put your mind to it and I genuinely, I just feel great.

“I was too overweight, I was grumpy and I wasn’t myself and I thought ‘why was this’ and I thought ‘this is because I wasn’t training enough and not feeling good in myself’, so I went to the gym, got myself fit and I feel great now.”

He showed off his body transformation last month, telling followers: “Ain’t bad for 35yr old! My ambition to be a “butler in the buff” is coming true.

Olly Murs reveals his girlfriend Amelia is his personal trainer as he credits her for huge weight loss 4Refer to Caption

They began dating last January and recently went on holiday to Bali[/caption]

“The pic on the left was 2nd January! I was like ‘f**k me I look massive’ weight was doing me no favours, grumpy, no energy, sleeping was awful so I made some adjustments.”

He began dating City worker and former bodybuilding champ Amelia last January and got very serious with over the summer.

He previously gushed that the 27-year-old is “amazing” and his “best friend”.

Thor Bjornsson Smashes 220lb Incline Dumbbell Press For New PR –

Thor Bjornsson Smashes 220lb Incline Dumbbell Press For New PR – 5

Thor Bjornsson has been tearing up the weight room recently, putting in some hard work. He’s back at it again, setting a new personal record along the way.

Bjornsson has been making some noise in the leadup to the Arnold Strongman Classic.  He has been putting in some serious time in the gym, and breaking his PRs at nearly every turn. As a result, it would appear that the former World’s Strongest Man is looking stronger than he has ever been.

However It seems that Bjornsson is not quite finished blowing minds in training. A recent video to his Instagram showed him setting yet another personal record. This time, it was by crushing a 220lb incline dumbbell press, for six reps. He looked unstoppable in the process, too.

Take a look at the epic performance:

A post shared by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

“PB 100kg/220lbs incline Dumbbell press for 6 reps!”

Hafthor absolutely annihilated all six of those reps! This set came just a few weeks after Bjornsson hit an unofficial world record for his deadlift. This is the video of him hitting that gigantic 1058lb pull:

A post shared by Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (@thorbjornsson) on

Heading into the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic, Bjornsson is seemingly only getting better. Despite how storied his career has been, and the accolades he has already captured, he seems to be turning a new corner. It will be exhilarating to see how this translates to competition, especially considering the steep list of competitors he will be going against. In particular, he will be going against current World’s Strongest Man Martins Licis, who previously got the better of the Mountain.

Whether or not Thor Bjornsson can score a third straight victory at the 2020 Arnold Strongman Classic remains to be seen. Nevertheless, he really seems to be taking things to the next level in terms of training, so all things seem to be pointing in the right direction.

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Breaking: Former Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson Suffers Major Heart Attack

Breaking: Former Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson Suffers Major Heart Attack 6

Some very unfortunate news today after learning former Mr. Olympia Chris Dickerson has suffered a massive heart attack at age 80 and is now on life support. Bill Pearl who is also a legendary bodybuilder (former Mr. Universe) and former training partner of Dickerson posted the following message via Facebook today…

March 15, 2020, I received a phone call from my long-time friend /champion bodybuilder Joe Distinti.

Joe informed me that our close friend and former training partner Chris Dickerson (1970 AAU Mr. America, 1973 NABBA Amateur Mr. Universe, 1974 NABBA Professional Mr. Universe, 1982 IFBB Mr. Olympia) earlier this week, fell at his home and suffered a fractured hip.

While in the hospital Chris experienced a major heart attack and remains in intensive-care and is on a respirator.

Joe and I are keeping Chris in our prayers, hoping you will do the same.”

Dickerson apparently fell and fractures his hip earlier in the week, then had a heart attack while he was in the hospital where he’s currently in critical condition. 

March 15, 2020, I received a phone call from my long-time friend /champion bodybuilder Joe Distinti. Joe informed me…

Si Sweeney, member and official of NABBA also posted a message on FB after hearing the sad news…


Dickerson’s most notable bodybuilding achievements include…


He retired after winning the 50+ competition at the 1994 Masters Olympia and was inducted into the IFBB Hall of Fame in 2000. So he’s a prominent figure in bodybuilding history. 

The bodybuilding world already lost a legend and former Mr. Olympia Franco Columbo last year and we hope Chris Dickerson can make it out of this with his health. 

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Kevin Levrone – TRAGEDY INTO TRIUMPH – ARNOLD CLASSIC 2018 COMEBACK – Bodybuilding Motivation

This is part of the game, man. This is what it takes. . So I’m staying positive and keep moving forward. This is what it takes man. Any reasons to back out and to quit to come up with excuses. . But champions we don’t do that baby. We FIGHT and continue to MOVE FORWARD. And this is my second treatment on my knee. . So I could squat. If I can do thisYou know this is a huge milestone for me. This is the start. I wasn’t able to do this, not even one time training for the Mr. Olympia. We’re on our road. The beginning of the end. SHOWTIME. . SHABOOM. What this thing is all about here. . This video is about hardore training. . It’s about being psyched,It’s about staying positive. . And it’s about making your dreams come true. A TRUE HUNTER is WIRED DIFFERENTLY. He’s wired differently!!We TURN TRAGEDY into TRIUMPH!!!That’s what lions do!!LIONS DON’T CRY. LIONS DON’T GIVE UP. LIONS DONT QUIT. LIONS HUNT!That’s what we do for a living!To be honest all of us of all the greats, if it was ANYONE from the 90’s who could do it. . Kevin would be the guy who could do it. We’ve all known Kevin to be one of those guys he only takes about 6 months to get ready for the Olympia. When all the rest of us are competing and training all year around. And he’s the most healthiest with the less injuries and everything like that, so. We’ve all agreed if anybody can do it from the 90’s Kevin have. . And here he is doing it man. And if you’re a TRUE LION it does not make a difference what the CIRCUMSTANCES is!As a matter of fact it was the TRAGEDY that BIRTH US!!We commit,We finish our commitments,We finish the race,NO MATTER WHAT. . WE FINISH. Do not ever, ever, EVER GIVE UP on yourself. When you have a goal in mind and the goal set in your head. NEVER let ANYONE take you off your VISION. Because you are unique, different and special. Nobody knows how you think, nobody out there is who you are. This is something that I love to do. It’s in my HEART and my SOUL. I was born to do this. Let’s see who has the last laugh. Told you guys. . I’m not gonna let you down. So this is it. Come out BIGGERCome out STRONGERCome out MORE BAD. You got this lion. . He’s the king of the jungle. He’s laying down under a tree in the middle of Africa. He’s so big, it’s so hot. . He doesn’t wanna move. Now the little lions come, they start messing with him. Biting his tail, biting his ears. . He doesn’t do anything. The lioness, she starts messing with him. Coming over, making trouble. Still nothing. Now the other animals, they notice this. They start to move in. . The jackals; hyenas. They’re barking at him, laughing at him. They nip his toes and eat the food that’s in his domain. They do this, then they get closer and closer, bolder and bolder. Till one day. . . That lion GETS UP and TEARS THE SHIT out of everybody. Runs like the wind, eats everything in his path. Cause every once in a while. . . The LION has to show the JACKALS. . WHO HE IS.

10 Bodybuilding Legends Still In Amazing Shape – Fitness Volt

You may or may not be familiar with some of the bodybuilders on this list depending on the era of which you grew up in. But these legends made a big impact in bodybuilding and it’s no surprise they continue to keep themselves in shape and good health…

10 Bodybuilding Legends: show

The 7x Mr. Olympia champion, former California Governor, and action movie star has to keep in shape for his roles but he’s also an iconic ambassador for the fitness lifestyle. Arnold Schwarzenegger had emergency heart surgery in March of 2018 which stemmed from a heart condition he was born with. But he never let it stop him from doing anything really!

2. Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is still massive and probably one of the biggest guys still going at it after retiring from competition in 2013 after placing 6th at the Olympia. He is a 4x Mr. Olympia winner and was chosen as the honorary ambassador for the 2019 Olympia weekend.

The key is to stay ‘consistent’…

“When people ask me for that one piece of advice on how to maintain a stage-like physique, they’re normally looking for some scientific response.

However, bodybuilding is all about the driven mindset to constantly goal set and to do so without any rhyme or reason besides wanting to continually outdo that person in the mirror.
So if you ask me, “Jay what’s the best way to maintain, build or shred?” 

Consistency! Consistency!! Consistency!!!

A post shared by Mr Olympia Jay Cutler (@jaycutler) on

He still destroys the weight room at 46 years old.

3. Ronnie Coleman

He’s still the king of bodybuilding (Tied with lee Haney) with 8 Olympia titles to his name. Ronnie Coleman had to undergo several back surgeries and was very close to never being able to walk again

He trained like a beast in his prime and had to pay the price but continued to rush the recovery process which prolonged his healing, even requiring additional surgery. But he’s back to training, although not nearly as heavy as before…

A post shared by Ronnie Coleman (@ronniecoleman8) on

4. Dorian Yates

The 6x Mr. Olympia champion was a force to be reckoned back in his days of bringing a massive and freakishly conditioned physique to stage. But his career ended due to many injuries including bicep and tricep tears, even though he won the 1997 Olympia with an injury. 

But his focus now is training others, doing yoga sessions, and enjoying life, rather than lifting massive weights.

5. Kevin Levrone

The “Maryland Muscle Machine” was one of the few elite bodybuilders of the 90s who never won an Olympia title, although many believed he should have, at least once. He did place second at the Olympia multiple times and even won the Arnold Classic as well.

Levrone made a return to bodybuilding in 2016 at age 51 but placed 17th at the Olympia with five months of preparation but it was clear he that he was done although he still looked pretty incredible. 

A post shared by Levrone™ (@kevinlevrone) on

6. Lou Ferrigno

At 67 years old, Lou Ferrigno is just as passionate about training as he was in his prime when he won the Mr. Universe twice in the 70s. Here’s a video where he talks about a time when he tried benching heavy without a spotter… he recommends not doing so.

7. Frank Zane

The three-time Mr. Olympia champion has an obvious love for training. Here’s he is showing how to do an incline press on a strange set up at age 77… but hey who are we to judge.

8. Tom Platz

If you were wondering who had the best legs back in the day… well, anyone with the nickname “The Quadfather” would answer that question. Platz never won an Olympia but dang his legs were just insane…

Here he was at 61 squatting some massive poundages. 

A post shared by Tom Platz (@tomplatz) on

9. Rich Gaspari 

Rich Gaspari had an amazing career with three second-place finishes (1986, 1987, 1988) at the Olympia. But at 56, Gaspari still looks incredible and here’s a very recent video of him doing some weighted sled pushes on leg day.

10. Bill Grant

Bill Grant, known as the “Man of Steel” in his prime, had some of the best arms of all time and he still looks mind-blowing in his early 70s. Check him out…

A post shared by Bill Grant (@billgrant.life) on

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Julius Maddox Bench Pressed 765 Pounds for an Unofficial World Record

Elite powerlifter Julius Maddox just keeps getting stronger, and he shows no signs of slowing down. For the fourth time in under a year, the Kentuckian has set a new raw bench press world record—this time at 765 pounds. 

The lift is unofficial because it was done at his gym and not during competition, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive. Furthermore, the lift looked insanely easy for Maddox, and there was even a slight pause at the bottom.

Check out the lift here: 

🚨PR ALERT 🚨 (347 kg) 765lbs X 1 “ROAD TO 800lb Raw Benchpress” ————————————————————— The people who tried to bury me didn’t know I was a seed “Be Irregular” ————————————————————— Handoff @fosjosh3 @official_iron_edge_gym @jailhousestrong @tuffwraps➡️Villain Wristwraps / promo Julius87 • @kalamazookeeper next meet / May 30th @mhpstrongusa supplements / irregularstrength @hustlebuttercbdluxe recovery • @revive.your.life • @bandbell • @lockjaw @texaspowerbars @irregular_strengthrob @benquilpierre ————————————————————— #phil413strong #powerlifting #sports #irregularathlete # #powerlifting #weights #strong #beirregular #benchpress #motivation #roadto750lbbenchpress #bodybuilding #muscularlyfat #fitlifestyle #motivate #inspire #hardwork #dedication #fitnessmotivation #trusttheprocess #uplift

A post shared by Julius Maddox (@irregular_strength) on

Maddox set his first raw bench world record in August when he pressed 739.6 pounds to break Kirill Sarychev’s world record of 738.5 pounds. Then in November, he benched 744.1 pounds at the Rob Hall Classic in Austin, TX. In January, he set another unofficial record at 755 pounds. 

Maddox is set on becoming the first human to accomplish a raw bench of 800 pounds, and from the looks of how easy 765 was, that feat seems to be a matter of when and not if he can do it. 

An 800-pound bench has only been accomplished with a bench shirt and other equipment—Houstonian Tiny Meeker holds the equipped bench press world record at 1,102 pounds

There’s a huge difference between an equipped lift and a raw one, and while Meeker’s record is nothing to scoff at, an 800-pound press by Maddox would be the most mind-boggling bench in recorded history. 

We can’t wait to see when he pulls it off.

72 Year Old Chinese Bodybuilder Qiu Jun Dies From Coronavirus

His passion for training may have been his undoing.

The coronavirus has swept across the globe putting the planet on edge. Originally first discovered in Wuhan, China, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of many Chinese citizens. One such individual is Qiu Jun.

An experienced bodybuilder with a passion for competing, Qiu Jun has been described by his students as a man dedicated to training and improving himself. Qiu Jun not only trained himself for competitions but other up and coming bodybuilders as well.

Still training in the gym in January amid the outbreak of the coronavirus, Qiu Jun didn’t heed the warnings from his students to stay inside and postpone his training. It’s believed that this was when he contracted the sickness.

Qiu Jun had been prepping for a bodybuilding show in June. He had competed in the same show a year prior where he earned second place in the elderly category. He had hoped to replicate or potentially outdo his performance from the year before.

Qiu Jun finally stopped training after the city of Wuhan was put on lockdown on January 23. The day after Qiu Jun came down with a fever and lost his appetite. Several days later Qiu Jun was rushed to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a lung infection.

The fever persisted and eventually Qiu Jun succumbed to the virus on February 6.

Qiu Jun had been an avid fitness fanatic since retiring back in 2003. He competed in bodybuilding and trained hard because it was his passion. In a way, Qiu Jun died doing what he loved.

Stay safe out there and be sure to follow the prevention methods given out by the CDC.

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Jay Cutler – INTENSITY WITH PASSION – Bodybuilding Motivation

I want you to live the life that you came here to live. To be YOU. . Not be anybody else. All of us spend too much time looking to other people for ideals and opinions on our ways about life. . When every answer that you need is already in you. And say fk it I’m going for it anyway!!LIFE is not worth LIVING. . Without PASSION. . Without INTENSITY. . WHATS YOUR PASSION?!It’s not about me, It’s about YOU. It’s about you being great in your life. It’s about making you realize how great you can be. And you doing the things you need to do to make that happen!Day’s over. . Get some exercise, do my body some good, kill some weights. Feel my heart beat. Listen to my breathing for a while. . But tomorrow the FIGHT starts AGAIN. It starts a new EVERY DAY. If you wanna succeed in life. . If you really BELIEVE. . Then everyday you GET UP. STEP by STEPBRICK by BRICK you BUILD ITPUNCH by PUNCHYou take your LIFE BACK. It’s time for you to STEP UP. And DO THE WORK. And DO THE JOB. It’s your HEART. . It’s your LIFE. . It’s your CHOICE. USE IT. . Or WASTE IT. Get up of your A$$. DO THE WORK!MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN WITH YOUR LIFE!You have within you. . RIGHT NOW. Everything you need to live a great life. And then go out there and conquer a chunk of the fkn world. That’s got your name written all over it. They ended up being chosen. . The price they paid?The simple price they paid. . Action. . They took fkn action.

Julius Maddox Bench Presses a PR 765 Pounds (Raw)!

Julius Maddox has made it clear that he is currently on his own personal road to an 800 pound raw bench press. On February 22nd, the Kentucky resident’s journey moved past another incredible mark. Maddox posted a video on Instagram showing him completing a single rep with 765 pounds (347 kg). That is eight 45 pound plates per side of a 45 pound bar.

View this post on Instagram

🚨PR ALERT 🚨 (347 kg) 765lbs X 1 “ROAD TO 800lb Raw Benchpress” ———————————————————————— The people who tried to bury me didn’t know I was a seed “Be Irregular” ———————————————————————— Handoff @fosjosh3 @official_iron_edge_gym @jailhousestrong @tuffwraps➡️Villain Wristwraps / promo Julius87 • @kalamazookeeper next meet / May 30th @mhpstrongusa supplements / irregularstrength @hustlebutterdeluxe recovery • @revive.your.life • @bandbell • @lockjaw @texaspowerbars @irregular_strengthrob @benquilpierre ———————————————————————— #phil413strong #powerlifting #sports #irregularathlete # #powerlifting #weights #strong #beirregular #benchpress #motivation #roadto750lbbenchpress #bodybuilding #muscularlyfat #fitlifestyle #motivate #inspire #hardwork #dedication #fitnessmotivation #trusttheprocess #uplift

A post shared by Julius Maddox (@irregular_strength) on

This successful lift moves his personal record up by 10 pounds (4.5 kg). In January, he completed a 755 pound attempt. As for the new PR, he is spotted by three other men with one of them, Joshua Patterson, doing the handoff and calling the signals for start, press, and rack, as if he was in an organized meet. By training standards, the lift looks like it was easy for Maddox to complete. The only accessories he is wearing is wrist wraps. He isn’t even wearing a training belt. When asked about how the lift felt, Maddox responded to BarBend with only one word.


He had clearly felt confident in his ability because in a previous post about an hour before, he teased the lift by counting the plates on the bar.

Fellow powerlifter Andrew Herbert expressed his thoughts in a comment that is likely shared by many others.

“I feel like I should be surprised but I’m not. Awesome work, man.”

The official record is still 744.1 pounds, which Maddox set on November 16, 2019. He told BarBend that he plans on moving the all-time raw world record to 800 pounds by the beginning of June. He later stated that the meet he plans on making this happen will take place in Kalamazoo, Michigan. While details about that meet are limited, it has been shared that the date in question is May 30th.

It isn’t believed that Maddox will compete in any other meets between now and then. It isn’t clear whether this new PR was a part of his plan or if this attempt was a spontaneous decision based on how he felt. He is working with his coach, Josh Bryant of Jailhouse Strong, during his preparations for the 800 pound goal. Maddox followed up with BarBend with one extra comment about this feat.

“Man does not set my limitations. Focus on the positive, not the negative!”

Featured Videos: Instagram/irregular_strength

The post Julius Maddox Bench Presses a PR 765 Pounds (Raw)! appeared first on BarBend.

Arnold Classic 2020 Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results And Prize Money – Fitness Volt

Men’s Open Bodybuilding division is one of the biggest attractions at the Arnold Classic every year in Columbus, Ohio. Dexter Jackson boasts the most victories (five) at this prestigious event and in 2019, Brandon Curry (2019 Mr. Olympia) was able to fend off the other competitors to hoist the trophy. 

But 2020 was much different especially with no Brandon Curry and Roelly Winklaar in the lineup, and we had a new champion…

William Bonac is the 2020 Arnold Classic champion.

Here are the official results:

Arnold Classic 2020 Results 

1st: William Bonac, $130,000
2nd: Dexter Jackson, $75,000
3rd: Big Ramy, $50,000
4th: Steve Kuclo, $30,000
5th: Sergio Oliva Jr., $15,000
6th: Cedric McMillan, $10,000
7th: Akim Williams, $2,000 
8th: Maxx Charles, $2,000 
9th: Victor Martinez, $2,000 
10th: Patrick Moore, $2,000 
11th: Joshua Lenartowicz, $1,000

William ‘The Conqueror’ Bonac has proven once again that he has what it takes to stand above the rest. He won the Arnold Classic back in 2018 and was the runner-up in 2019. So his win comes as no surprise as Bonac is on a roll, also having placed 2nd at the 2019 Mr. Olympia (his best finish yet) without his coach Neil Hill, and months later, he has earned the title of 2020 Arnold Classic champion!

William Bonac received a trophy and a check for $130,000 from Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Runner up Dexter Jackson received $75,000 and a meda, what a career for the legend.

The legendary Dexter Jackson has won more titles than any other professional bodybuilder in the history. The Blade has made 18 Mr. Olympia appearances, won 2008 Mr. Olympia and 5 Arnold Classic titles (2005, 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2015). And what’s just as impressive, is that he was able to place 4th at the 2019 Olympia at the age of 50 and has never placed lower than 9th at the Olympia since his first appearance in 1999. But he recently announced that the 2020 Mr. Olympia contest will be his last competition. He also plans to compete at the Arnold Classic Australia and Brazil this year.

Big Ramy placed 3rd, Ramy came back to the stage after taking a year off from competition. After placing 6th at the 2018 Mr. Olympia, this time he came in better condition then his last showing but not good enough to win him the 1st place. 

Ramy still need a pro win to qualify for the 2020 Mr. Olympia.

Franco Columbu Most Muscular Trophy

Previously known as Arnold Classic Most Muscular

Ed Corney Best Poser Award

Previous Men’s Open Winners

2020 Arnold Classic Official Bodybuilding Scorecard:

2020 Arnold Classic Photo Gallery

A post shared by FitnessVolt (@fitnessvoltnetwork) on

A post shared by Patrick Moore (@patricktmoore) on

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