Hafthor Bjornsson Looks To Break World Record With 501kg Deadlift At WUS!

Hafthor Bjornsson Looks To Break World Record With 501kg Deadlift At WUS! 1

Hafthor Bjornsson is already considered to be among the best deadlifters in the world. However, he looks to solidify that claim, by breaking the world record deadlift.

Bjornsson is one of the most elite, and well known strongman athletes in the world. He has a ton of accolades under his belt, from winning the 2018 World’s Strongest Man, to multiple Arnold Classic titles. Not to mention, he had a big role in HBO’s Game of Thrones.

One big accolade which Bjornsson has been able to capture, is the world record for the heaviest deadlift. This record actually belongs to a fellow strongman in Eddie Hall, who hit 500kg, in 2016. Although he plans to go for this record at the Arnold Strongman Classic in a few weeks, this will be with an Elephant Bar Deadlift, which is a different variation.

However, in a recent post to Instagram, Hafthor Bjornsson revealed that he has plans to go for the full deadlift record that Hall holds. Moreover, he explains that he looks to hit 501kg, at the World’s Ultimate Strongman contest. This event happens on April 11th, in Bahrain.

This was his message:

“360kg deadlift with deadlift suit. 3 sets of 1 rep. This was always my planned weight as I’m tapering into the Arnold’s but this week I accepted another challenge. And that is to compete at the @wusdubai show on the 11th of April in Bahrain. There is a lot of talk about what it’s going to take to be considered the best deadlifter in the world and it’s time to compare apples with apples.

I will still be competing on the elephant bar at the Arnold’s, but if you’ve been following, you’ll know that the deadlift event will be on day 2 which means that the athletes will be attempting the deadlift in a fatigued state, which makes achieving 501kg much harder.

At WUS, the deadlift will be the first event on the first day, on a deadlift bar with a deadlift suit and figure 8 straps, and I will be ready to deadlift 501kg and break the world deadlift record.
I can’t wait 👊🏼”

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This is a massive goal for Thor Bjornsson to set his eyes on. However, this is not beyond his grasp, as he regularly hits lifts of over 450kg in the gym. Here he is, crushing a 480kg pull for an unofficial record.

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Do you think Hafthor Bjornsson will be able to hit the 501kg deadlift in April?

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Hafthor Bjornsson Looks To Break World Record With 501kg Deadlift At WUS! 2

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